Got Acne? A Microdermabrasion Facial Might Just Help!

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Looking for help with troublesome acne, scarring, or uneven skin tone? Have you tried microdermabrasion?
If you’re looking for ways to reduce the appearance of acne, blemishes and scarring, microdermabrasion might be just the treatment you need to restore your appearance.
Here's why.
Over time, dead skin cells build up on the top layer of skin, leading to the formation of blemishes and clogged pores. Skin can begin looking tired, dull, and uneven, and fine lines and wrinkles will be more apparent.
Microdermabrasion is a procedure that removes these dead skin cells by gently sanding them away with exfoliating crystals. This reveals the smooth, new skin underneath, providing a completely rejuvenating transformation for patients unhappy with the appearance of their face.
Let's explore three reasons you might want to try a microdermabrasion facial if you wrestle with acne, scarring, or just unevenness in skin tone.

1. Microdermabrasion Treats a Number of Imperfections

Unlike other cosmetic treatments which might only focus on one of the skin’s imperfections, microdermabrasion can treat nearly any affliction that’s plaguing the skin.
Many of these benefits stem from the fact that microdermabrasion stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
Collagen is a type of protein that holds the skin tightly in place, creating a smooth and supple when found in large quantities in the face.
Elastin is a similar protein that gives the skin its flexibility and tautness. The body stops producing these proteins as it ages, which is what leads to many of the noticeable signs and symptoms of aging.
Microdermabrasion can be used in some of the following scenarios:
  • Acne, especially blackheads, as microdermabrasion unblocks pores to reduce inflammation. In fact, one study that looked at 24 patients getting microdermabrasion for acne found that 96 percent were pleased with their results and would recommend the treatment to others.
  • Facial scars caused by acne, as microdermabrasion clears away the top layer of skin and stimulates collagen production, which promotes healing and circulation.
  • Stretchmarks, as the production of collagen and elastin return suppleness to the skin and improve healing.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles, which are lessened by the collagen boost. While microdermabrasion can’t eliminate them entirely, it can drastically reduce their appearance and slow down the formation of new wrinkles.
  • Uneven skin tone, which can be in the form of sun spots, hyperpigmentation, and more. Microdermabrasion clears away these unevenly colored spots and the skin replaces them with fresh, new cells.

2. Microdermabrasion Has Little-to-no Downtime

While there are a lot of excellent cosmetic procedures available to reduce the signs of aging, many of them come with extended downtime. This is because many aesthetic treatments require the use of incisions. Even if the procedure is relatively minor, these incisions need time to heal, meaning the patient will need to take a few days off of work to recuperate.
Luckily, microdermabrasion involves no such hurdles. Microdermabrasion is completely non-invasive and non-surgical, meaning patients will be back on their feet in no time. In fact, many patients actually schedule microdermabrasion treatments on their lunch breaks and head back to work directly afterward. There is no downtime at all — patients can immediately hit the gym, eat and drink, and do whatever else they had planned for the day.
This also means there are little-to-no side effects to the microdermabrasion procedure. The only difference patients might notice is that their skin is slightly pink or red immediately after the procedure, in a way that resembles sunburn. However, this usually fades within a day, restoring the patient’s typical skin tone so they don’t have to hide at home.
The patient’s skin may also be slightly more sensitive to sunlight a few days after the procedure, but this just requires the patient to stay out of the sun for long periods of time for a couple of days.

3. Microdermabrasion Works for All Skin Types and Tones

One of the greatest benefits of microdermabrasion is that it’s an appropriate treatment for nearly every patient.
Unlike other cosmetic procedures, which might only work on certain skin tones and types, microdermabrasion can be used by anyone who’s uncomfortable with the appearance of their skin.
What’s more, because there is no extensive recovery time or surgical work involved with microdermabrasion, patients of all ages can benefit from the treatment. Sometimes, patients do not qualify for more intensive cosmetic procedures because they aren’t healthy enough to have surgery, but this isn’t the case with microdermabrasion.
Even patients who have sensitive skin can often have microdermabrasion performed with no adverse side effects, as the procedure does not involve any chemicals or other potentially irritating ingredients. The microdermabrasion device is often crafted of diamond or high-quality metal, so those with nickel or other metal allergies don’t have to fear.
As you can see, the benefits of microdermabrasion are numerous. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your skin and want to do something about it without taking drastic measures, consider microdermabrasion. This affordable and gentle treatment can give you great results without extensive downtime.
If you're looking to see what microdermabrasion can do for your skin, you can schedule an appointment with one of our excellent estheticians at The Woodhouse Day Spa - Nashville.
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