18 Reasons Why We're the Best Spa in Nashville

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Kim Stevens
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Who’s the best spa in Nashville?

We are, of course!

I know, I know. I can hear y’all now, “C’mon, Kim! You’re the owner! Of course you think The Woodhouse Day Spa – Nashville is the best spa in Nashville!”

And you’d be right. I am biased. :)

I love my spa, the services we offer, and most of all, my staff who work their tails off to make sure that when you come to The Woodhouse Day Spa – Nashville, you love it, too.

I went to get a pre-natal massage and it was so awesome, I was like, we have to get a couples massage here. - Mallory

"This was my first time to the Woodhouse and the service I received from check in to check out was exceptional to say the least. The staff is so professional and the therapists really know what they’re doing! I had a Swedish Massage done by Catalina and I left completely relaxed. I can’t wait to return!" - Chelsea

"Beautiful spa, relaxing environment and gifted masseuse. Highly recommended!!" - Michael Davenport

"I will go here again and again and again. It's been difficult to find a day spa that I really enjoy. This day spa surpassed my expectations." - Dorinda

"I had the most amazing day today! I was really able to relax and the staff was very accommodating. I was Pampered from the moment I walked in! Thank you for making my day today" - Erica

"I stopped in to get gift cards as Christmas gifts for a wonderful co-worker and my boyfriend (who has never had a massage). The staff was fantastic! They took me on a tour of this gorgeous Spa and also helped me choose the treatments that would be best for us." - Melissa

"Wonderful experience to top off my amazing Nashville trip! Beautiful and quiet place to unwind and relax from the hustle and bustle! Can’t wait to go back again on my next trip!" - Kristie

"As a long time spa lover I can say this is the best day spa in Nashville. The staff is so professional and very knowledgeable about their work. The decor is soft and relaxing clean and fresh. Their willingness to accommodate is unsurpassed and I’m looking forward to my next visit." - Jeanne

"This is the best Spa ever! A relaxing environment and wonderful experience!" - Catherine

"A breath of fresh air! It's nice to feel so pampered and so far removed from any stress - it's quiet and serene and services are top notch!" - Lamarr

"Excellent Massage, great facility and very relaxing!" - Randy

"I went here for a relaxation day with one of my friends. We had fantastic experience. We both got Therapeutic Stone Massages, which I would highly recommend. The spa itself was beautiful and the staff was very friendly and attentive. Come early before your appointment to enjoy the complimentary mimosas. I will definitely be returning for another spa day!" - Alex

"I was fortunate enough to be given the “Woodhouse Experience” package from my husband for a birthday surprise! It was over 5 hours of relaxation and pampering. From the moment I walked in, it was peaceful and welcoming. I would highly recommend visiting this beautiful spa for its ambiance and professional services!!" - Liz

"It was amazingly tranquil! I walked in with a pregnancy attitude but as soon as I was escorted to the ladies room I felt this instant calming! My husband was with me and he immediately noticed the change in my attitude!" - Bianca

"I had an amazing experience at the Nashville location! My manicure was perfect and very relaxing, can't wait to return very soon, I hope!" - Karen

"I stopped in the other day to pickup a gift card for a co-worker. This place was gorgeous! And the staff was phenomenal! I received a tour of the building and I promise I will be reserving my own Spa Day."

"This place deserves more than 5 stars, everything was amazing and all staffing are really professional. Best thing in Nashville. Highly recommend." - Shaymaa

"Jason gave the best massage I’ve ever had and I have had massages all over the country. Fantastic! A much needed relaxing day!!" - Carla

"Beautiful spa and top notch customer service! My Woodhouse Escape treatment with Aaron was fantastic, and I cannot wait to come back!" - Nancy

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