Welcome Home to the Woodhouse

| by
Leanna Paul, Content Manager for The Woodhouse Day Spas
, under Wellness

It seems like an eternity ago when most of us made New Year’s resolutions to focus on our health and wellness. Perhaps you were planning on spending more time at the gym, or setting a goal towards better sleep habits.  Whatever your goal was, it probably got derailed in the midst of this 2020 storm.  We want to issue a challenge for you to ‘re-set’ those goals, with wellness in mind!  

Stress can wreak havoc on our health, and we must be intentional about re-focusing on relaxation and restoration, in order to restore balance. With each massage treatment at The Woodhouse, we combine science and art to induce deep relaxation, release tension, and enhance circulation. Our holistic approach to beauty offers advanced breakthrough techniques with every skin care treatment, combining wellness and relaxation with each service.  But do not underestimate the power of our hand and foot treatments – they boast a level of restoration all on their own!

These strange times have been eye-opening, and we all share in the need for a re-focus on wellness.  A focus on stress relief and healing. A focus on restoration and renewed priorities.  We welcome you back, ready to serve you and help you reach your goals. It’s been a wild ride for us all, but it has birthed an even deeper desire for us to continue being an integral part of your health and wellness.  Come back home to The Woodhouse…we can’t wait to serve you!